Impulsive HabitatEl Yunque

When I made this recording I was deeply disappointed at the results. At a campsite on the edge of the El Yunque national forest in Puerto Rico, I had held vigil all night with my recorder, attempting to capture the long sweep of the nighttime choruses of coqui.

Along with the sounds of frogs and insects, the neighborhood surrounding my campsite drifted up the mountainside and into my microphones. Cars navigated the winding roads, people cheered a boxing match, and dogs barked at the night. At daybreak, a chorus of roosters. Occasionally I fell asleep, only to wake myself up with a snore.

For the nature recording I had expected to make, it was a total travesty. These were not the sounds of the rainforest. For the nature recording that I hope to make today, I am not sure I could have planned it any better. These are the sounds of the rainforest.