Kim CasconeDrone Cinema 2015

On March 27, 2015 at a venue in Leiden, Netherlands called Vrijplaats, artist Kim Cascone produced a small festival of cinematic representations of drone sound works called the Drone Cinema Film Festival. The evening consisted of eight transcendental drone films with soundtracks and two musical drone performances that opened and closed the evening.

Darius Čiuta connected Kim and me to collaborate on a stand-alone hardware player as an expression of the festival. Kim designed the enclosure, sourced materials, and worked with the artists to produce hour long audio-only interpretations of their works. I wrote the software, assembled the devices, and released the objects through the Time Machines imprint.

8 hours
44.1kHz, 24bit FLAC
Exernal TI PCM2704 "Burr Brown"
Acrylic and aluminum
Stereo FLAC at 48kHz, 24bit


Leukos – Kris Force
Particle Streams – Gary Weisberg
A98point4 – Tristan McGuire
[*]nScape – Michal Seta
Transitus Siderum – Andrea Szigetvári
Drone #2 (Extraction #1) – Frans de Waard
Interrogation of the Crystalline Sublime – Martijn Comes
Subtle Listening – Kim Cascone

Voice intros by Lady Eve