Darius ČiutaPL24

"When presented with a work of art scaled to natural time we engage a different set of perceptual tools with which to experience it. Our objective, day-to-day consciousness and our inner unconsciousness have a different sense of " duration." Shifting to our unconscious perception moves us out of the virtualized “stream time” of the eternal now towards experiencing time as governed by natural rhythms. As “Passive Listening (24)” plays I notice a beam of sunlight slowly crawl across our living room floor, morning birds gradually stop singing the day into existence, a neighborhood cat performs his afternoon ritual of bird hunting, the sunset casts mottled sunlight into our bedroom – when we dilate our experience of now we can move outside of time altogether – this is how nature gives up her secrets to us.

This twenty-four hour work presents us with a rare opportunity to not only observe nature in her manner of operation but to also become contiguous with her. By allowing the dilation of time to heal the technologically-driven damage to our psyches we can reconnect with the rhythms of nature and learn to become whole human beings again."

External TI PCM2704 "Burr Brown"
24 hours, Continuous
American walnut, brass fittings